Supporting the Local Community

As local professionals, our team takes great pride and care in supporting our local community groups, and we are always looking for ways to make a difference in the charities, clubs and local businesses that we support. If you have a club or charity that you’d like us to support, please give us a call.

We truly love our community, and as a local business, we know how important our customers are to us. This is why we are so happy to give back to the community through the donations, sponsorships and services that we provide.


As specialists in our field, we understand the importance of safety and are constantly working to ensure that our clients receive only the safest and most dependable equipment available. We take great care in installing and preparing your scaffolding equipment so you can rest easy knowing your crew is safe.

  • Howlong Football AFL
  • Albury Football AFL
  • Kiewa Sandy Creek Football AFL
  • Albury Thunder NRL
  • New City Cricket
  • Kiewa Cricket
  • St Pats Cricket

Contact Our Team

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